Cold Brewed Coffee With a Toddy Maker

Cold brewing coffee is an alternate method to coffee brewing to eliminate the acidic qualities found in normal hot brewed coffee. This is a very interesting way of coffee brewing because it creates a concentrate of coffee. Many people prefer this method to regular hot brewed coffee, especially if they are hoping to make an easy iced coffee at any time. This eliminates the muss and the fuss of hot brewing your coffee and then having to chill it to make an iced coffee. This is an easy way to have a cold coffee concentrate on hand at all times for any iced coffee drink that you would like to make! How to make coffee ?

One device for cold coffee brewing is the Toddy Maker. This is a coffee maker that allows you to cold brew your coffee, and the coffee concentrate product will have a very low acid content. This is perfect for many coffee drinkers who may have stomach issues, especially if they have a hard time digesting a regular cup of Joe with high acid value. The only thing to take into consideration with this method of cold coffee brewing is that it will take much longer than a regular hot brewed cup of coffee. This is by no means instant, and you do have to brew the cold coffee overnight and allow the concentrate to develop.

This is a helpful way to enjoy your average coffee, especially if you have stomach sensitivities to coffee acids. To use your cold brewed coffee, all you have to do is add hot water to the concentrate for a hot cup of Joe, or serve it over ice with water to make a delicious iced coffee. This is a wonderful alternative to regular coffee brewing to consider, and it also is especially helpful for anyone with digestive issues. Statistically, a Toddy Maker can provide up to 67% less acid than traditional drip brewed coffee. It also gives you the capability to serve your coffee cold or hot at any time. You can keep this coffee concentrate fresh in your refrigerator for up to three weeks, which is perfect to have on hand for an iced coffee drink whenever you would like.